Shareholder Notifications: Suspension of Dealing of Mori Eastern European Fund and Mori Ottoman Fund

Mori Style

We are dedicated long term stock pickers in Emerging European, Middle Eastern and African markets (EEMEA).. That is all we do!

Our region is rich in energy, natural resources and history. We believe this combination requires an unique understanding, approach and philosophy for outstanding investment performance in the region. That is what we strive everyday to deliver! 

Our mission is to discover the potential and deliver performance.

Mori Style is:

  •   Bottom-up stock picking with macro overlay: We are primarily bottom up stock pickers, aiming to generate risk adjusted absolute returns via what we call active beta management.

  •   Walking the extra mile in search of the undiscovered: We cover more than double the number of securities included in MSCI Emerging Europe 10/40 Index
    (c85 vs >200) to search for the undiscovered overlooked opportunities in the region.

  •   Driven by in-house research: Our proprietary in-house research database is the centerpiece of our quantitative assessment which generates a fair value target for each company we cover. We look at sell-side analyst research only to see where we stand in terms of market consensus.

  •   Cash flow & return on capital focused: We are searching for strong cash flows and companies delivering high return on cost of capital: We could not care less about a P/E ratio.

  •   Unconstrained: We are active managers. Hence, we believe benchmark indices should be used for measuring performance,  not for portfolio construction.

  •   But "Risk" managed: We aim to manage the sources of risk at acceptable levels and keep fund liquidity ratio at minimum 90% to avoid liquidity trap.

  •   Investing in businesses, not stocks: We establish active dialogue with companies’ stakeholders. We have not invested in a company whose management we have not met.

  •   Partnering with investors: Management has considerable personal investment in the Funds creating a clear alignment of the interest with rest of our investors. 

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